This is a very specialize group of adults. We have nothing to offer curiosity seekers.

Voices of Three subs being interviewed.     INTERVIEW

I am a female over 21 years of age:
  • I want to try new things.
  • I want to push my boundaries.
  • I want to be trained and shared.
I am a female over 18 and under 21 years of age:
  • I want to be interviewed.
  • I want to be exposed and examined.
  • I want to be accepted.
I am a submissive male over 21 years of age:
  • I want to be considered.
  • I want to be humiliated.
  • I want to be ordered to perform.
I am a Dominating male over 35 years of age:
  • I will abide by the rules.
  • I will be respectful.
  • I will honor all the sub's limits.

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