Over 18 and under 21 years of age.

With understanding, we will respect your sexual limits!   Intercourse may not be an option and that is OK.

Mutual masturbation is harmless as far as most people concern. Here women are encouraged to explore their sexuality with the use of toys.

Oral Sex:
One of the sexual behaviors increasing amongst late teens 18+ and those less then 21 is the interest in oral sex.
The main reason that oral sex is increasing among late teenagers, some think, is because it is perceived as safer than intercourse.
Additionally, with the rise of interest in virginity and movements to "save" themselves for the one they truly love,
many consider themselves "technical" virgins if they have not engaged in intercourse.
Oral sex doesn't "technically" count as losing one's virginity.

Evaluation: Suitability, capacity and attainable goals. Hard non-negotiable limits. Mindset limits.

Self-Interest items: Curiosity, Intrigues, Margin of excitement, Impatient.

If you are over 18 and mature for your years, a special appointment may be arranged. Click Here

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