Afternoon delight. Enlarge

This was my third appointment.
I arrived just before 1 O'clock. I signed in at the front desk and was lead to the
guest waiting room. Shortly after 1:pm a tall attractive female summoned me to follow
her to the back dressing room. There I was instructed to shower, freshly shave my pussy
and apply the lotion to my body. She pointed to a small table next to the far wall.
"Everything you'll need is there." she said. "I'll return in 20 minutes to check on you." she added and left the room.

When she returned I was waiting with a large fluffy white towel wraped about my body.
I was lead into one of the other rooms, placed in the center of the fold out bed couch, and tied extremely spread eagled.
She massaged another coating of lotion to my breast. Then she filled the palm of her hand with more lotion.
That lube went on and into my pussy. "Enjoy" she said as she left the room
leaving the door wide open.

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