I am a married female who became a submissive.

I discovered that being a submissive in the bedroom was arousing. To have my husband take charge without my permission turned me on.

Soon after that his dominance extended outside the bedroom. I was getting dressed Saturday morning.
Jeans and a sweat shirt. He stopped me in the mist of putting on my bra. "Not today." he said. "Today, you'll wear one
of my white shirts only." He turned and left our bedroom without waiting for me to comment. Minutes later, I joined him in the
kitchen wearing one of his shirts and a pair of skechers. Over coffee, I made a very brief comment over the change.
"I liked it and wanted more." He nodded with a slight smile. "Perfect. I take it you are in total agreement?" he replied.
Later, mid-afternoon, I was reading in our den. He came to the doorway. With a smirky look. He told me, "I had five minutes
to be in our bedroom and be ready for him." It took me three minutes.

That same night, he directed me to wear a very short skirt with nylons as we attended a dinner engagement with friends.
In the parking lot outside Canalis, he had me remove my panties. I guess being told to do things I didn't want to do was part
of our agreement. I didn't think that included especially embarrassing things. I exited the car leaving my panties behind.

Back at home he gripped my arm. Pulling me to the den. He bent me over the arm of the couch. Raised my skirt and fucked me harder
then ever before.He finished quickly and before I could get to my feet he left the room.

Mintues later we were in bed. I laid on my left side with him spooning my back side. "You were a good girl today.
Good night." he said in a low voice. "Good night." I whispered back. I closed my eyes. I felt content but strangely
I really wanted to do better for him. I loved being told what to do. In retrospect he hadn't ask me to do that much.
I want him to test my limits.

Six days passed. It was about eight PM. I don't know what came over me. I was a version of myself that I had never met before.
I was actually curled next to my husband on the couch. My arm's around his neck. "I love you. Did I disappoint you last Saturday?
I feel I need to do better and I really wanted to do better." I heard myself saying. An hour or so later we went to bed
without getting an answer from him.

Saturday night after dinner, I was doing my thing in the kitchen. He came in and had me remove my blouse and bra.
Then he placed a collar about my neck and said. "I am taking you out tonight. With this submissive symbol, you will
be reminded what I expect of you. I have bought you a sheer red blouse to wear with your short skirt, nylons and heels.
It is on our bed. You won't be needing any underwear tonight".

We arrived at the '205 on Wolf Lounge' connected to 'Radisson Hotel' about ten.
I got out of the car and adjusted the short skirt. It was skin tight and rode up higher, than the top of my black nylons.
We joined one another in the front of the car. He kissed me and told me we are going to meet another male tonight.
"Your job is to make him want to see you again." I was shocked at the thought. I had never considered that I had to do that.

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