I knew all to well what he expected of me.

I wanted to be on time so I arrived at the given address fifteen minutes before the scheduled time.
One last cigarette before leaving my car. Before I had a chance to ring the door bell a pleasant women
greeted me at the door. She had me follow her to a large room just off to the left of the hallway.
Once inside the room, she had me remove my dress and pass it over to her. I took a moment, standing in
front of the large wall mirror, to adjust the matching lingerie and stocking I had selected to wear.

Pointing to the chair against the wall she said, "have a seat." Then she secured my wrist together with
a thick soft rope. Picking up my dress and purse she told me she would keep both safe till I was ready to leave.
With that she turned and walked out of the room.

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the joys of Submissions

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