Blindfolded, tied up and used by a stranger.

My name is Stacy Cotton. 28 years old, single, no kids.

I can't explain why vanilla sex won't get me off. It feels good from start to finish. I do have more than one mild orgasms.

There is just something about being bound to the ceiling, wall, chair, or bed that turns me on before even being touched.
Taking my sight away with a blindfold increases the other sensations. Hearing the bedroom door opening and closing.
Followed by footsteps approaching. My mind races with visions of myself naked, fully exposed and helpless to the person
or persons in the room. I wait in silence. Anticipating the first touch. I feel my pussy opening and my clit tingles.

I hooked up with Daniel on the club's message board. He wasn't the first that I allowed to bound me to the bed. He was the
first who offered to share me with others. The first time we had an MFM threesome in my apartment. He directed both his friend
and myself from start to finish. Then his friend left and Daniel spent the night with me.

This night was different. At his apartment, he bound me to the bed in his bedroom. Then blindfolded me. Only then did he tell me,
I would be left there alone until his friend arrived. He wouldn't be returning home till after his friend had left.

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