I enjoyed being submissive with older men.

My husband being promoted to Captian made it OK with him.

I was raised by my single dad. Not ever knowing my birth mother. For most of my life,
my daily needs were taken care of by nannies. From time to time, they were replaced with
his current live-in girlfriends. I attended the private school in Rensselaer through the
seventh grade then transferred to a public school while my dad worked for the Watervliet Arsenal.

In high school, I was encouraged to date boys who came from well-to-do homes. More often than not,
my Dad arranged for me to date the sons of military officers he worked with. I graduated in June
and married in August to an Army Lieutenant. December 12, - I agreed to help my husband with his
career by sleeping with one of his senior officers.

He made Captain on the next promotion cycle. I un-admittedly enjoyed the submissive role and
the attention I received from the men I met. Seemingly my husband appreciated his promotions.
It evolved into a steady routine. My husband would set up a meeting with a Senior Officer.
Transport me to the meeting location and wait outside for me to be finished.

My encounter with a retired full-bird Colonel.
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