"Yes sir. Thank you sir."

I was sent home to practice being a sub to my husband.
I do want to be the perfect wife and satisfy all his needs.
He is unhappy with my out spoken boldness.

After four sessions of training, my husband took me to a motel room.
He told me I was there to be 'tested'. Not sure what he had in mind
but I agreed to endure what ever he did to me.

He ordered me to strip naked. "Yes sir." I replied.
Then he had me lay out on the bed. My wrist and ankles were secured
to the bed. Then he stood back his eyes focused on my nudity. I knew what
had to be said, "Thank you,sir."

I was tied to the bed and left alone in the room. I heard the
door opening. In walked the ugliest guy I have ever seen.

Testing his submissive wife.

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